23 August 2011

Tearing Down the Trailer

Alas, it is a sad, sad day in Rothland. But a joyous one as well. After forty years, the trailer house is no more. As you’ll recall, I grew up in this lovely mobile home: I wasn’t born here, but I have few memories of anywhere else. We moved here when I was two, so [...]

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20 August 2011

Mexican Radio

One of my favorite parts about learning Spanish so far has been discovering a world of new music. Thanks to José (one of the employees at the box factory), I’ve been exploring the various Mexican music stations in Portland. (I say Mexican because that’s the audience the stations cater to and the source of most [...]

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17 August 2011

The Art of Omar Rayyan

Though I put my dreams of traveling to England on hold this summer in order to help take care of Mom, I did find some time to sneak away for a long weekend in Indianapolis recently. Indianapolis isn’t quite the same as London, but I still had fun. I met up with my friends Adam [...]

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15 August 2011

Five Cat Family

It cracks me up that I haven’t haven’t written much lately. As usual, that means there’s actually too much going on in my life, not too little. For example: As many of you know, Mom is currently in the memory-care unit of an assisted living facility. I won’t go into details (yet), but she had [...]

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8 August 2011

A Dream Deferred

It’s been a long time since I posted an update at Foldedspace, but as usual that’s not because I’ve been a slacker; it’s because I’ve been extremely busy. As most of you know, I came away from the World Domination Summit in early June burning to make fundamental changes in my life. I wanted to [...]

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19 July 2011

Serving Suggestion

Courtesy of the local Fred Meyer produce department, here’s the world’s most hilarious “serving suggestion”: a serving suggestion for bananas. There you have it. In case you weren’t aware of it before, you can use bananas in a fruit salad. Or — believe it or not — you can “simply eat fresh for a natural [...]

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10 July 2011

Starstruck: Six Stunning Videos of the Night-Time Sky

Earlier tonight at Awesome People, I shared the six videos that make up The Sagan Series, one man’s attempt to create the PR campaign that NASA should have produced for itself. These videos make me ache to see humans in space. As a boy, I dreamed of living in space, of journeying to other planets [...]

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4 July 2011

Does It ALWAYS Rain in Portland on the Fourth of July?

It seems that over the past few years, it’s become fashionable for Portlanders to complain that it always rains on the fourth of July. In fact, this whining has become something of an epidemic. Nobody wants to make plans outside for Independence Day because of the possibility of rain. But is it true? Does it [...]

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1 July 2011

Fifty Pounds

Eighteen months ago today, I started a weight-loss journey. On 01 January 2010, I weighed 213 pounds. I was heavier than I’d ever been in my life. For the first three months, I struggled to find a fitness regimen that worked for me. Eventually I discovered Crossfit. Meanwhile, I learned to eat more healthfully. (I [...]

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29 June 2011

Aprendo Español

Though things have been quiet around Foldedspace, they haven’t been quiet in Real Life. As always, I spend most of my time writing about money. I’m also exercising 2-1/2 hours a day, five days a week. I’m absorbing enormous (digital) piles of information about money and writing and travel. I’m meeting friends and colleagues for [...]

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