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I often meet Aly for Spanish lessons at the Peet’s Coffee at 37th and Hawthorne. There are a lot of interesting things to see there. Sometimes there’s a group of young men skateboarding on 37th, blocking traffic and the sidewalk and getting cranky when people ask them to stop. There are often petitioners. For some [...]


For living just a few miles from the center of the city, we sure have a lot of animals around this place! In fact, tonight as I was putting together a video about our bunny, I realized I’ve made all sorts of short movies about the animals of Rosings Park. Let’s look at some of [...]


Get Better

8 April 2011 · 2 comments

Many people have noted that Crossfit is like a cult. It sucks you in until you live and breathe the stuff, and you have to exercise restraint from converting everyone you know. For a long time, I resisted this cult. No more. Crossfit is awesome. It’s changed me physically, but it’s changed me emotionally and [...]


Toto – Africa

6 February 2011 · 2 comments

I’ve had a rough 48 hours. Toto’s death has affected me more than you can probably guess. I knew it would. That cat was like a piece of me, and I feel her absence acutely. It hurts. “It always amazes me how emotional you are,” Kris told me last night at dinner. “You’re so much [...]


Dog Days Are Over

22 January 2011 · 6 comments

In early December, at the end of the Glee episode where the kids go to Sectionals, I was literally moved to tears by this song: Glee – Dog Days Are Over Some of my (very manly) tears came from all of the Glee soap opera that led up to this, but a lot of it [...]



17 January 2011 · 4 comments

Today marks the start of Blog Week in my life. I’m spending the next seven days focused on preparing Get Rich Slowly for my upcoming absence while Kris and I spend three weeks in Africa. While editing guest posts this morning, I’m listening to my “angsty eighties” mix. By sheer chance, the song “Southern” by [...]



12 January 2011 · 1 comment

Via Andy B, here’s an masterfully-made, mesmerizing video of people dropping their cameras: oops from Chris Beckman on Vimeo. I know it sounds dumb, but I promise it’s not. It’s fascinating.

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Nicole — who knows I love stories about animal intelligence — wrote in to share the tale of Chaser, the smartest dog in the world. Or at least the dog with the largest vocabulary. Here’s the story, as reported by Animal Planet: As part of a three year training course at Wofford College taught by [...]

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Oh, how I look forward to the new year. Not because of resolutions or a fresh start or anything like that, but because that’s when DJ Earworm releases his annual mash-up of the year’s top 25 pop songs. I love it! This year’s remix isn’t as good as the 2009 version (which was simply amazing), [...]


Born Free

3 January 2011 · 5 comments

When I was a boy, I loved nature films. We saw a lot of these in school, of course, but once in a while, Dad would actually take me to see one in the theater. My favorite nature film was Born Free, about Elsa, the lioness who was raised from a cub by humans in [...]