What I’m Doing Now

I’m in Savannah, Georgia until the end of March 2016. At that time, Kim and I will resume our cross-country RV trip. My current priorities are (in order):

  • Getting fit. The first six months of our trip were a health disaster. Too much food and wine, but not enough exercise. While in Savannah, Kim and I are exercising lots and eating little.
  • Launching Money Boss. After several years retired from personal finance, I’m back in the game. Money Boss is my new site based on the “Be Your Own CFO” concept I developed for Chris Guillebeau.
  • Reading for pleasure and edification. I used to be an avid reader but somehow got out of the habit. During the RV trip, I rediscovered the joys of a good book. Now I read everyday: science fiction, personal development (including money, of course), and more. Plus I’m devouring podcasts and audiobooks.

At present, my life revolves around those three activities.

When I’m not working, reading, or exercising, I’m generally answering email. (Recently, I resolved to answer every email I receive. So far, so good.) When I have something to share that’s not about money, I update this site.

Once a week, Kim and I do a Date Night in Savannah. A couple of times per month, we take time to explore the region.

Future plans (very subject to change):

  • April 2016 – Resume RV trip across United States.
  • July 2016 – “Money Boss Academy” at WDS in Portland. tentative
  • September 2016 – Fincon in San Diego.
  • October 2016 – Return home to Portland. yay!
  • Autumn 2016 – Present at Ecuador chautauqua.

Note: Although I generally decline speaking engagements, I love meeting readers and colleagues. Meeting new people is like playing the lottery of life. If you want to hang out when I pass through your town, drop me a line. I’ll probably say yes — especially if the venue involves donuts or whisky…